Subtleties in Gold

video version in cooperation with Pascal Viglino, Percussion
live version in cooperation with Anantha Krishnan, Mridangam / Tabla

tunings of the world 2.0
plur(e)alities in music

teilelager | Fahrbereitschaft
11th of February 2022

weitere Aufführungen: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai
25th of March 2022

Subtleties in Gold 2022

Qui vont flottant légers, avec des airs 
De non chance et des mouvements d’ailes
(A la promenade, Paul Verlaine).

Subtleties in gold 

sounds falling in a space of clouds 
the air contains a few drops of golden water repeating in delicate cycles of interrupted crescendos 
A hand or a voice perhaps draws some words on the instruments that quickly fade away driven by the wind.