Les Femmes Savantes (2005 – 2018) Selected Works

Les Femmes Savantes was founded in 2005 as an interdisciplinary composer-performer ensemble by Ana Maria Rodriguez (read more)

Years of collaboration have enabled Les Femmes Savantes to create a specific acoustic identity that exceeds the mere sum of its individual aesthetic languages.The five Berlin-based female composers/musicians from Germany, Argentina, and Sweden were Sabine Ercklentz, Hanna Hartman, Andrea Neumann, Ana Maria Rodriguez and Ute Wassermann.

Distancia(s) II (2010)
voice, trumpet & electronics

Ana Maria Rodriguez – Komposition, Live-Elektronik
Sabine Ercklentz – Trompete
Ute Wassermann – Stimmen, Pfeifen

Klangwerkstatt Berlin
07.November 2010

Duo (2010)
Charlotte Huge, viola
Ana Maria Rodriguez, live-electronics

Jardin d’ocre
trumpet & electronics

tu misma
voice, trumpet & electronics

trumpet & electronics