Slow meditation in frequencies

Tunings of the World 2.0 – Plur(e)alities in Music
29th of October 2021 FAHRBEREITSCHAFT – teilelager
for trumpet, trombone, violoncello, gongs and effect devices

KNM Berlin
Matthew Conley, trumpet | Johannes Lauer,trombone | Cosima Gerhardt violoncello | AnA Maria Rodriguez, electronics | Fred Pommerehn, light design | Wouter Jaspers, sound design

The idea for the composition is inspired by our brain activity during meditation: It is about the behaviour of brain waves in terms of their intensity and variable duration during an active or passive state of consciousness, during concentration or disturbance, but also in other situations, moods and sensations, and during pleasant or unpleasant perceptions. Glissandi and regular cyclic vibratos, but also disturbances – represented by different noise variations –, constitute the musical structure of the composition.