In nature alone are forms

in nature alone are forms (2021, WP)
9th and 10th July, 2021
concert installation for six musicians, nineteen gongs and electronics

26. und 27. November 2021
Casa del Lago, Mexico City

»in nature alone are forms« is part of my series of works that deals with the resonant spaces of different instruments in their environments. I’ve composed the concert installation for the »Bosque de Chapultepec« park in Mexico City, which continuously invites visitors to listen to electroacoustic music in natural surroundings. For the Berlin performances, in contrast, the forecourt of the Fahrbereitschaft will be the stage – a green acoustic buffer between the tram and the artists’ studios. The work creates a fragile feedback space on the verge of breaking, which is fed by the sound of the musicians’ instruments and urban noises